Oxtail Soup

after this post, what do you want to read Indian Food. okay Many cafes are choosing the menu as a choice tail soup, oxtail soup well known. Tail or the tail has an individual taste of the meat or other animal limbs, in addition to the typical dead-end violence tails also have a lot of nutrition, flavor was different, but we must be careful with oxtail meat, because it contains a lot of fat is not good for our health. However, it is better if we choose the local cattle are not a lot of fat

How to cook it is also different from other meat, usually boiled rather long tail, so the meat a little soft and savory taste, boil it took about 2-3 hours, with no excessive heat, because excessive heat can damage the flesh.


Indian Food

Usually, each country or region specific regions have unique recipes such as chicken betutu typical of the island of Bali, marking the authenticity of the food dish first made by local people, or gudeg jogjakarta.

Well now, we are trying to view recipes from other countries namely India the country famous for cane as for recipes and bread to make bread cane needs. 500 grams of wheat flour, 2 eggs, 5 grams of salt, 160 ml of boiled water, 1 ounce of oil samin

How to make are as follows: 1. Mix the boiled water with the eggs, salt, and samin oil and stir well. 2. Mix flour with egg ingredients, stir, knead until smooth and then step into the 3rd. For the dough into 7 pieces, form balls and then cover with clean towel. Let stand for 1 hour. 4. Pick one batter, spread thinly, spread with samin oil then roll bun shape and rest for half an hour. 5. Heat a flat pan, put some oil samin. Pick one batter, and fry until browned pipihkan and cooked, remove from heat. Food prepared in the weeks to serve.

Cane bread usually served when there are special events, though today many cane bread sold in stores outside India, this food was very delicious and can increase the health of men.

Ayam Betutu at Bali Island

A lot of chicken flavor was very spicy Balinese, that's what you will encounter when traveling to the island of Bali. Cuisine is indeed typical of the island of Bali. Marinade consists of fried bean, chili sauce, chili, and vegetable Gondo be a nice complement to a delicious meal.

chicken turns out this is the typical food betutu in Bali island people's, chicken betutu not only sold in small traders but is readily available in shopping malls on the island of Bali restaurants. Many foreign tourists who try foods that contain lots of these spices.